When I was a member of the National Speakers Bureau in Colorado, an elderly gentleman named Charley ‘Tremendous’ Jones was flown in from the East Coast to be our featured speaker. He talked about always having something of value and benefit to give the audience and then launched into a speech about Commitment.

He spoke about Commitment in marriage, work, play, relationships, and life. What I remember from that speech however, was his use of the word Commitment repeatedly. The examples he used seemed inconsequential. He hammered home the concept by using the word Commitment over and over again. He was committed to Commitment.

The more he spoke about Commitment the more he used the word Commitment. The more he used the word Commitment, the more inspired he became. His passion for Commitment was captivating. At the end of the speech he was exhausted and I was committed to Commitment. Commitment to what? Whatever you want. The message was crystal clear. To accomplish anything worthwhile you have to be Committed to it.

I’ve never forgotten that Elder Sages advice. As I’ve pondered his message and the Goethe quote, I’ve noted how many times I’ve tried something just to see if it was a fit. It didn’t take long to discern my commitment or lack of it. Without commitment, a solid and deep connection with the person, place, situation, or thing I was engaging, my attention waned and I was willing to give it up. This continues to be a learning process.

We can experiment with life, fail, succeed, try, make fools of ourselves, doubt, believe, and risk but without the inner resolve and willingness to leap into something without a safety net, providence will not move toward us. The inner commitment to bring the task to fulfillment is crucial to the success of the project. Commitment is powerful.

Take a look at you own life of accomplishment and see where commitment came in and how it kept you connected even when you didn’t want to be. Notice also where you let go of a person, place, situation, or thing because you lost your resolve to the original commitment. When the going got tough you got going further into the heart of the situation or out the door. Do you remember these decisions? What happened? Why?

Hesitancy, drawing back, and ineffectiveness are questions of character, resolve, and commitment to yourself and others. The risk is to lose the opportunity to do something you love out of fear, insecurity, and programming. To do this is to die a slow death. Let’s risk becoming who we really are by committing to our highest calling, our truest Self, our greatest potential and watch providence assist us with countless helping hands. Let’s open to the benevolent supportive Universe and thrive, become fully alive!


by Rick on March 19, 2015 ·


If, in fact, we are created in the image and likeness of the human and divine realities, we are co-creators and beings of light. Everything I know and don’t know points to this awareness but few people seem conscious of it. We get the human part of the equation but not the high vibrational transformative frequency of the divine part.

James Baldwin wrote in 1963: “Perhaps the whole root of our trouble, the human trouble, is that we will sacrifice all the beauty of our lives, will imprison ourselves in totems, taboos, crosses, blood sacrifices, steeples, mosques, races, armies, flags, and nations in order to deny the fact of death.” We trade the substance for the form.

Do you have any sense that you’re responsible to Life for the passage you’re now taking through it? Do you feel a responsibility to those who are here and those who are coming after us? Are you denying the fact of death by keeping your heart closed and not giving attention to the light that’s inside you? Have you denied your gift of being a co-creator with the Great Creating that is happening in, around, and flowing through you?

I’ve heard it said that if you could see who you really are your life would change in an instant. This physical form we call human is a shell like the shell of an acorn. The shell is not the acorn. It’s the protective covering for the seed that resides inside the shell. The seed houses the entelechy which causes the oak to grow over a hundred feet tall and live at least as many years. Like us, however, few acorns reach their full potential.

Imagine experiencing the luminous being you are. Imagine seeing light emanating from yourself and others. Imagine seeing beyond your five senses, going deep enough within your Self to connect with the latent powers that reside within. What would that mean to you? How would it impact your being and doing? What if the highest level of consciousness that any being has ever attained on the planet is open to you?

Would you ‘go for it’ or just blow it off? Blowing it off is what most of us do. I’d like you to look at the infinite possibilities you have as well as the infinite potentialities that have been stuffed and set aside because someone told you it wasn’t possible. Look at the Christ, the Buddha, anointed, blessed, suffering, yet transcending and including all. Look at the saints who had courage to be different by expanding their hearts & minds.

The entelechy is built into our DNA. We’re on a growth trajectory that can consciously be assisted by opening our hearts, minds and hands to the help that’s always here. The Quantum Physicists don’t understand it but now recognize this help as the energy of the Universe. Still. Trust. Open. Presence. Go deep. Awaken and enlighten up . . .


by Rick on March 16, 2015 ·

Revolution and Evolution

March 9, 2015

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March 2, 2015

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February 23, 2015

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February 19, 2015

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February 16, 2015

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February 12, 2015

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