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Dr. F. W. Rick Meyers is an Episcopal priest and transpersonal psychologist who has spent a lifetime exploring the great mysteries of life. He has intensely participated in ceremony, retreat, ritual, conversation, action, and contemplation with a global community of fellow seekers and travelers. Rick believes that compassion and the evolution of consciousness provide the keys to ending personal and global war and conflict, causing many to label him a holy fool, others a troublemaker. In truth, Rick is this and much more. His urgent plea is “No more business as usual!”

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How Mystic Travelers Came to Be


I found myself in a liminal state in a lucid dream in the middle of the night, not knowing how I could be both asleep and awake at the same time. “It’s time to write the book,” a voice said to me.

“What book?” I responded.

“The one you’ve been preparing for from before you were born.”

Curious at this strange conversation with an unknown voice, I decided to play along. After all, it was just a dream. “What am I supposed to write?”

“A novel called Mystic Travelers.”

“What’s it about?”

“You’ll have to write it to find out.”

“I’ve never written a novel and haven’t even read many. Why do you want me to write a novel?”

“Everybody loves a good story, this story needs to be told, and you’re the one to tell it.”

I was now beginning to wonder if this was really a dream or some projection of my egoic mind playing with me again. “How is this supposed to happen?”

“We want you to get up at three o’clock every morning for the next two weeks, go to your study, turn on the computer, and write. We’ll be with you to help if you’re willing and open “

“This is crazy. What if I don’t do what you’re requesting?”

“Then you’ll never know if this is real or imaginary.”

“And, if I get up at three o’clock in the morning every day for the next two weeks and go to my computer, what then?”

“You’ll have to do it to find out.”

“Who, may I ask, are you?”

“We’re messengers from another altitude that have been with you for a very long time. You’ve been asking for help in dealing with the many planetary problems and crisis of consciousness within yourself and the species, so here we are, ready and willing to help.”

“Thanks,” I responded, rolling over to look at the clock. It was three in the morning. I pulled on my housecoat, skeptically went to my study, turned on the computer, and nine months later, Mystic Travelers: Awakening, was born.

This novel story is now here for your entertainment and education.It’s an inquiry into who you are. Read it with the knowledge that all the characters have something to teach you. They’re not just figments of my imagination, rather parts of me and of you. Use this book as a mirror to take a look at yourself and as an inquiry into the deeper reaches of the who that is you. Enjoy and become more of a mystic traveler yourself, for there is something in you that feels compassionate and strong, patient and wise, indestructible and of great value. This something is who you really are, the I beyond name, beyond personality. It is your true nature, the unified energy field of the universe.

So, dear unknown reader and friend, open your eyes to the many pictures you will see, lend your ears to the silent music that is present, and stop evaluating. Simply ask yourself whether this work has enabled you to move about in a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, rest in that, and take it with you. It’s another Awakening!

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by rtCamp on June 7, 2012 ·

Stephen Parker

Mr. Rick..
I just finished reading your Book ” The Mystic Travelers”…and I have to put it up there as one of my favorites of all time…There should be a movie about this…It is the first time that a story as approached ‘bad situations ‘ from a completly different angle.Instead of the usual violent,fight or flight reptilian mindset that we see everywhere and have for ever…we see here an enlightened,understanding,that is accepting and allowing the situation to be as it is and evolve into what will teach us all who we are.Thank you so much…Remember to remember…
Stephen Parker


F. W. Rick Meyers

I just read your very personal reply or review of Mystic Travelers: Awakening again and am moved by your comments once again. To say you have put it up there as one of your favorites of all time is an amazing comment. Thank you so very much for your support and presence. Let us continue to cross paths and do the important work we’ve been given to do. Blessings All Ways and Yes, Remember to Remember who you really are……so much more than you appear to be…….Thank you, thank you, thank you…….
In Appreciation,
F. W. Rick Meyers


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